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The Jute palace

Office & Factory :
New No.76, Old No.82, Bajanai koil Street,
Choolaimedu, Chennai - 600094
Lm : Opp to Apollo Pharmacy & Rajayoga Meditation Class,

Phone : 044-23614255

Cell : 98405 48187/ 93400 01010.

Why jute Bags?

Eco-friendly: With the growing concern over the damage to the environment that plastic bags cause, Jute Bags are your ideal choice because these are made of Natural Fiber.We all have an obligation to conserve and protect the environment and to respect the natural world.


 Our Goal is to provide the finest quality of products to exceed our customers’ expectations. We attain this goal by performing all activities to the best of our capabilities and by being responsive to our customer requirements. We do believe that continuous quality improvement is the key foundation for such performance and allow us to remain competitive.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

1)What is the Fabric used for making the bags ?

 We offer Natural Jute fabric for the bags in different shades. We also offer bags made from different jute fabric like jute cotton, cotton canvas, other checked fabrics and herringbone etc.

2) Can these fabrics be dyed into different colors ?

 Yes, the Jute fabric could be dyed into all desirable colours, on receipt of an order of a certain minimum quantity.

 3) Is the fabric that is used, eco-friendly?

 The jute fabric is made out of jute fibres, which itself is made out of jute plant, which is eco-friendly in nature. Being annually renewable and bio-degradable, it plays a very important role in environment protection

 4) What are the different types of handles which are available?

 We have range of handles made from different material like "Cane , Bamboo , Cotton Rope , Cotton Tape , Leather and Jute"

 5) Is printing possible on the bags themselves?
The Bags can be printed with customer's Logo or design using multiple colors. Upto 5-10 color printing on Jute is possible.

6) What is the procedure involved in packing the bags?

 Packing is done in export-worthy 7 Ply corrugated boxes. All the boxes have poly sheets, both inside as well as outside,to prevent damage from moisture.

7) Are samples readily available?

 Ready samples are available for the models shown on our website and catalog. Special samples as per the customer's requirement can be made and sent.

8) What is the expected lead time?

 The lead time depends on the order quantity. However, our normal order processing time is 2-4 weeks.

9) What are the terms of payment?

Our general term of payment is 60% of  an advance payment would have to be made.